What awaits you when you come to our hotel?

Good cooking

Show Cooking: Passion, fun and taste in the kitchen.


Notte Rosa (Pink Night)

The unmissable event of the Riviera is the Notte Rosa, and for the occasion we decided to give a glamorous touch to the staff.

Paella Party by Hotel Astra

Mixed paella, classic or fish-based, we always have a party and the palate is crazy with the home-made and European cuisine of Hotel Astra: Riccione’s capital of the world!


There are some who call it “anguria”, but in Riccione it is called “cocomero” (watermelon) and in summer it never fails on the tables of the romagnoli doc, so we will certainly not miss it for our guests!

Summer Pizza

We Italians are known for spaghetti and pizza, so we decided to propose it for a dinner that everyone likes: big and small.

Mojito Party

The cocktail par excellence that is spread around the world, inspired by Hotel Astra for your fashionable holiday in Riccione.

Chestnuts e Cagnina

Did you know that inland from Riccione the countryside is rich in chestnuts and that we have a wine that is well-matched with roast chestnuts?

Here is the video!

What’s better in an autumnal evening than a good glass of wine and roast chestnuts?
All weekends in October and November.


A very good mussel dish for an alternative dinner, and to make the “scarpetta” in a sauce that knows the sea.
You wouldn’t want to miss it, would you?

Your Birthday Party in Riccione

Why not celebrate your birthday in this fun city and make it last the whole weekend? With our special group fare you can have an overnight stay and an evening at the nearby discos to toast and cut the cake.

Birthdays on holiday are fun!